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Adam is an Australian born artist and photographer.

A little history

Like many artists, Adam started his humble career drawing portraits for friends and family for $50 a pop, before making the leap to create projects for himself and sometimes making them available to purchase. He has experimented with many mediums, subjects and styles. 

Charcoal and paint being his favourite, for its ability to allow him to get messy and expressive, losing himself in the chaos of creating. 

Adam predominantly paints (and photographs) portraits and figure.

During the lockdown of 2020 he was based in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he utilised his spare time to sell art professionally from his studio apartment in the city. He also picked up the camera again, becoming particularly intrigued in portraiture.

For the duration of 2021 he travelled and worked for INFAMOUS The Show, a cabaret cirque show, where he also orchestrated photography/video productions, as well as managing the pages popular Instagram account.

Adam created two series of works in 2021: "lust" and "wild". He sold dozens of pieces whilst on the road with the show, exhibiting in the foyer, the public resonated with the the themes of sensuality, chaos, movement and the celebration of the feminine figure. This is where he really discovered his style.

Now living in secluded outback Australia, he's currently in the Northern Territory, staying in the village residing beside beautiful Uluru. Here he is creating more art than ever.

Please don't hesitate to contact Adam if you have any questions or feedback.


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